Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fortigate 81E Blank Forward Traffic Log 6.0.2

Ran into an issue and did not see any Forward Traffic logs via the GUI
Screenshot Below:

Contacted Fortinet TAC and first we did a some diag commands listed below:

di debug application miglogd -1  ! Command turns on debugging for the logging daemon

di de en                ! Enables the debuging command above

diag log test         ! This just forces some test logs into the log file

Then the tech told me to go back and refresh Forward Traffic after 2 seconds, but still nothing.

Next he had me run the following on the CLI:

exec log filter reset
exec log filter view-lines 20
exec log filter category 0
exec log filter field date 2019/02/03
exec log display

The output for this was 0 logs.

Below are the CLI commands that finally fixed the issue.
fnsysctl kill miglogd

diag log test

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